Closed, Seized or Acquired Institutions
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InfoClosed Lender Name
More Info(1858) Mechanics` Bank Of Williamsburgh
More Info(1865) Mariners` Savings Bank
More Info(1865) Market Bank Of New York
More Info(1865) Mechanics` Bank Of The City Of New York
More Info(1865) Mercantile Bank, The
More Info(1865) Merchants Exchange Bank In The City Of New York
More Info(1865) Merchants` Bank In Syracuse
More Info(1865) Mohawk Bank Of Schenectady
More Info(1866) Manufacturers` Bank Of Brooklyn
More Info(1869) Manufacturers National Bank Of New York
More Info(1873) Mercantile Loan & Warehouse Co.
More Info(1875) Mutual Savings Bank Of Auburn
More Info(1884) Manhattan Mortgage Co.
More Info(1884) Mutual Benefit Life Policy Loan & Trust Co NY
More Info(1887) Market National Bank Of New York
More Info(1900) Morton Trust Co.
More Info(1902) Marine Bank Of Buffalo, The
More Info(1902) Mechanics & Traders` Bank Of Brooklyn
More Info(1903) Manufacturers` Trust Co.
More Info(1904) Mcvickar Realty Trust Co.
More Info(1905) Maiden Lane National Ba