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These patch files will repair most common issues with the Lane Guide Desktop application.  If you have specific questions or errors not addressed with the update, contact Lane Guide Tech Support.

Online Subscriber Files:

Lane Guide Online Launcher (for Windows®)

  Install a LaneGuide Online Desktop Launcher Icon  

Lane Guide Online Launcher creates a Task Bar icon and an optional Desktop shortcut directly to Lane Guide Online website. This is a new version designed for the new website and replaces prior launcher versions. 





Desktop (CD-ROM) Subscriber Files:

Lane Guide Installer (All Windows® Versions)

Lane Guide Desktop Installer contains the setup files to install the latest application files for the Lane Guide Desktop (v 3.7.16 10/13/15)(CD-ROM) application to your PC.  This version is for all PC systems, including  Windows® XP, Windows® 7,8 and Vista® 32/64.



Lane Guide Ownership (All Windows® Versions)

Lane Guide Ownership fixes problems with improperly configured instalations and broken updates.



Lane Desktop Patch (All Windows® Versions)

Lane Desktop Patch This patch replaces the LaneUpdater utility. Repairs issues with Lane Guide update requests being blocked by user's security, causing the database not to update. This version includes support for all enhanced security protocols and will only accept secured requests.



SPECIAL NOTE FOR DOWNLOADING EXECUTABLE FILES: After downloading, save the Setup.exe file to an accessible folder or your user Desktop, then right-click on the file and select PROPERTIES click on "UNBLOCK," then select APPLY. Right-click on the setup.exe again and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. If you get a message that the execution is blocked, turn off your anti-virus software momentarily while you launch the setup again. Follow the on-screen prompts.